Information Technology

in Sports

The role of information technology in sports is to provide participants, spectators, and event organisers with the real-time information they need.

We live in an increasingly connected world. People expect technology to enhance their sporting lives. Social Media has enhanced fans’ expectations regarding the frequency and interactivity of engagement.

This presents an opportunity for sporting events of all sizes to capitalise on this growing trend, through the implementation of IT into the very fibre of an event, with the aim of driving engagement between spectators, participators, sponsors, venues, and organisers, all of which positively contribute to the growth and sustainabiity of the event.


Communication is a key need and urge of all people. Informaton Technology plays a key role making this possible at the touch of a button or swipe of a screen.


People want to participate in events. From the player on the field to the armchair critic at home. IT gives everyone the platform to participate in their own space and level.


Media, supporters, relatives, scouts, coaches, and opponents are looking for as much information of your event and they want it now! IT supplies the perfect tools satisfy their hunger.

It is vital for sporting events of all sizes to stay abreast with the expectations of their online audience by providing real-time commentary, fixtures, results, images etc. on popular social media platforms, especially if the event is not being broadcast or streaming live.

Incorporating IT into your sporting event also enables you to simplify and better manage necessary processes such as:

  • online registration
  • online ticketing & payment facilities
  • sharing & updating event fixtures and results
  • electronic scoreboards and substitution boards
  • overall event data capturing
  • information sharing through a central point online such as an event website or social media account

Data Capturing - Information Technology in Sport



  • Event website design + development
  • Online registration, ticketing and payment system set up
  • Social Media Profiles – Creation and management
  • Online Marketing – SEM + Social Media marketing


Pre-Event Set up

Populate website with:

  • Participant profiles
  • Fixtures
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Announcements
  • Social Media Integration


Event Day

  • Set up electronic scoreboards and subs boards
  • Deploy photographers
  • Social Media engagement
  • Uploading of articles and photographs
  • Update fixtures and results
  • Facilitate competitions and promotions
  • Video interviews with coaches, players and spectators


Post Event

  • Populate website
  • Engage with followers on Social Media
  • Provide detail summary report of event data

Who We Are

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    The Team

    About The Team

    Rylurx IT is an IT Company with 10 years experience in sporting events. Our mission is to help our clients compete in a quickly evolving market through fast, effective web presence and information technology implementation.

  • Testimonial

    Our Experience

    About Our Experience

    As the IT partner for the Metropolitan U19 Premier Cup, Rylurx IT is committed to keeping the Metropolitan Premier Cup online 24/7, 365, using the latest technological expertise and methodologies to keep the event’s website current, exciting and most of all; user defined and user driven. In an era where technology is at the forefront of day to day existence, we give the new age individual the opportunity to share and experience the tournament on a platform. other than the field itself.

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12.3 million South African adults use the internet
84% of adults in SA own a cellphone
  • Richard Pitcher / AvaxSA343, Manager

    Highly recommended service excellence, good one RYLURX IT

  • Hylton Fisher / Florida Albion Vets Team,

    I would like to extend our sincere thanks and congratulations on a fantastically well run inaugural Over 40's Legacy Cup.

“We are the technical mind behind the electronic media and marketing of the Metropolitan U19 Premier Cup”

- Ryan Roberts

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